Sophia’s birth story (just because I like telling it)


Sophia was our only “planned” baby. But then again, do you honestly, REALLY plan on kids? No not really. Everything about having a baby is so unexpected, I don’t care how much you plan. Annnnyway. But yes, we decided to try for a 2nd baby when Landon was almost 2. It literally took maybe 2 tries and BAM there she was. 🙂 I found out a week after my 21st birthday. Woops! That must be why Sophia is “extra special.” Kidding! Nathan and I were out to dinner and I had ordered a martini (because I was newly 21 and that was the thing to do) and I couldn’t quite finish it. I felt really funny about it. I got to thinking and told Nathan that maybe after dinner we should swing by Rite Aid and buy a test. So we did! Went home and tested immediately and we didn’t even have to wait the 5 minutes that they tell you to wait, the positive sign showed up clear as day. I just kept saying over and over, “we’re having another baby! We’re having another baby!” We were so excited!!! Such a difference from being the scared 18 year old girl 2 years before… 😦 I called friends and family the next day and scheduled my first appointment! My first check up I was already 8 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy was so different. Sophia was the only one who gave me morning sickness and it was bad for the first few months. Not so fun when you had a two year old to take care of 😦 Looking at raw meat or chicken made me want to gag. But by the second trimester my appetite was in full swing. I wanted anything spicy. I would eat raw jalapenos, the spiciest salsa I could find and if Nathan allowed it, I would have had mexican food everyday for the second trimester. Up until the “big ultrasound” I was convinced I was having another boy. The hubs comes from a family with a lot of boys so I just figured that’s what I was having. We decided that if we had a boy, we were going to have a hot dog party to tell the fam and if it was a girl we would have a taco party 🙂 So the big day arrived. We brought Landon with us so he could see the new baby. As the ultrasound tech ran the wand over my belly I said, “it’s a boy isn’t it?” She said, “nope!” Then turned the screen towards me and pointed out girl parts! Big surprise!! I was soooo happy!!!! I would have my boy and my girl and life would be complete! (haha!)  So that night we had the family over and surprised them with a taco dinner 🙂 Pretty sure we decided on the name that night. I chose Sophia because one night a few months before, while we were out to dinner with the inlaws, my father inlaw was telling me how his grandfather had a thing for Sophia Lauren. So the night of the taco party, I had remembered that name and thought it was perfect. Elizabeth is my mother in law’s middle name and also my husband’s grandmother’s middle name and it fit so perfectly. Sophia Elizabeth Jones. Perfect name for a perfect little girl.

Well, the months went by and I was growing bigger and bigger everyday. My last appointment was 3 days before I had her. It was Friday, April 6th and I went in with my mom and sister. Good ol’ Dr. Marter checked me and said I was at 2cm but wasn’t effaced at all. The membranes were stripped and it was just a waiting game from there on out. That weekend was Easter weekend and Sunday we were supposed to have dinner and an Easter egg hunt with my family. Nothing fit me, I was miserable and as big as a house. My uncle asked me when my due date was and I told him I still had another week left, to which he replied, “but you’re so BIG!” Just what I wanted to hear. Went home and cried that night. My friend who was due AFTER me had already had her baby and all I wanted to do was sit in my house, and not talk to anyone until the baby was born. Got so tired of the phone calls.I didn’t even answer the phone anymore I just put on my voicemail, “no I haven’t had the baby yet and when I do I’ll let you know!” True story.

Soooo Monday, April 9th rolled around and it felt just the same as any other day. No contractions, no nothing. I was complaining to my mom that morning that, “this baby was never going to come out!” She gave me her best motherly advice and made me feel better. Got off the phone, made Landon some lunch and continued doing some laundry. About an hour after talking to my mom, I had to go to the bathroom. When I stood up, I felt like I had peed myself. But I just peed! How is that possible? My water never broke on it’s own with Landon so this was all new to me. I literally thought I peed myself until more came out and I wasn’t even doing anything but just standing in my bedroom. So ya, my water broke. I didn’t know what to do at first. It was so weird. So I called the hubs. He was working in Ventura at the time and he was out on a job so he couldn’t answer his phone. So then I called my mom, she was out in Calabasas working, so obviously she couldn’t take me to the hospital. She told me to call my sister, Lindsey, so that’s what I did 🙂 I started packing some stuff, got Landon ready and the whole time I was still leaking everywhere. Again, so WEIRD! My sister got to the house and I thought it would be a good idea to take a shower. I was worried about looking good for pictures later on. After the shower, I got dressed, crammed a few wash clothes in my pants, grabbed my bag and Landon and off we went! My sister was so thoughtful, already had a towel waiting on the seat of her car for me. (or maybe she was just worried about her new leather car seats? ya that was probably it) We dropped Landon off with my brother-in-law and headed towards Henry Mayo. I kept laughing because it was so awkward to have fluid leaking out of my body and out of my control. And every time I laughed, more would come out. hahaha! We got to the hospital, checked in and we were good to go. Once I got all hooked up to an IV and what not, I grabbed my make-up bag and started putting my face on. 😀 Priorities. hahaha. About an hour later, my mom showed up and so did my mother-in-law. Nathan was there a couple hours later. I believe I got to the hospital around 4pm. We waited and waited and waited. I hate waiting. I didn’t want an epidural but I was talked into it and I totally caved. Booooo! 😦 However it did wear off towards the end and I felt EVERYTHING. Ring of fire…. If you catch my drift. That girl came out in 15 minutes and I almost didn’t want to finish it hurt so bad. I remember yelling at my mom saying, “this hurts!” I think she secretly enjoyed that part since she gave birth to three big babies without any drugs 😉  ahhhhhh, so 5 pushes later and at 11:09pm on April 9th, my sweetpea was born. Her cheeks were the first thing everyone noticed. Of course she was swollen so they looked bigger than they really were. We called her a fat little asian because her eyes were so tiny and her cheeks were so big that it made her look asian. Oh man but was she cute when she opened those little peepers. Her hair was lighter than Landon’s but still had a full head of hair like he did. She was nice and pink and perfect. Weighing in at 8lbs 7oz, she was pure deliciousness. I was afraid during that pregnancy that I wasn’t going to be able to lover her has much as I loved Landon. Did anyone else feel that way about their second? Well I instantly found out that it wasn’t even an issue. An overwhelming amount of love for that girl poured out of me. I couldn’t believe I was blessed again with another beautiful, healthy baby. So amazing.

I’ll have you all know that for the first year, Sophia was the easiest, quietest, kick back little girl you ever did see. She tricked us all. Once those little feet started walking, we were in for a wild ride. I would not change that girl for anything. She can drive me mad, she can be as sneaky and dramatic as can be… But she is truly my little sparkly diamond, my sweetpea and she keeps my life exciting. I am so glad I got my girl. There is nothing like the bond between a mother and a daughter. 🙂


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