The poop chronicles…


This is Lukas. These days you can usually find him exactly like he is in this picture. He recently turned 2 and you all know what that means…. Terrible twos. We are in the worst of it. Or so it seems. Maybe I just don’t remember how the other two were. My brain cells are so shot, I can’t even remember what I said 5 seconds ago. He has recently discovered that he can now take his diaper off himself. I was hoping he’d never figure that one out due to the following reasons. He takes his diaper off, all the time. If I don’t put pants on him right away after changing his diaper, not even 5 minutes will go by and he’s already pulled it off.  Although he has two of the cutest “cheeks” I’ve ever seen and although it IS funny to watch his adorable little naked body run around the house,  I’d really rather not have to worry about stepping in a land mine of poop like I did the other day. I’m sure some of you have stories like this so you’ll understand. The other day I was cleaning the house, getting ready for company to come over and I had totally forgotten about Lukas’ poopy diaper. I was so distracted with laundry, dishes, making lunch etc that I didn’t even think about it when he wandered off into his room to play. Sooooo I’m in the laundry room throwing in a load and when I’m done, I walk out into the kitchen and I see brown “tracks” all over the kitchen floor. Before my brain could register what the marks were, I suddenly felt something squish between my toes. Funny thing is, is that I hardly even flinched and it honestly didn’t bother me too much. Why? Because by the time you reach your last kid you kinda take stuff like that with a grain of salt. I’ve seen more poop in my life than I would have liked to, but hey that’s life as a mom. So I clean the poop out from between my toes, grab the antibacterial spray and clean the floor, then begin to track down the smelly streaker. Of course when I found him he was sitting  on Sophia’s bed. I had JUST finished putting CLEAN sheets on her bed.  What’s one more load of laundry right? I love laundry so much 😉 Ugh, so I finally get him cleaned up, sheets off the bed and into the washer. Lunch time was uneventful. Surprisingly enough both kids ate it all and then Lukas went down for a nap rather easily. Thank God.  (We  just moved him out of his crib and into a bed so nap time, lately has been an entire event. And NOT a fun one.)  So the house is quiet, I’m finishing cleaning up the kitchen when I go to throw some trash away, I reach for the cabinet underneath the sink and stick my hand right in a piece of baby feces that had obviously been flung when he took off his diaper earlier. Now stepping in it was one thing, but seeing it on the cabinet and actually putting my hand it in was a whole different story. Poop just shouldn’t be in the kitchen whatsoever. So gross. Out comes the antibacterial spray again and thorough cleaning of the kitchen. Again. I had already done it once that morning.

So now you all know that poop has been flung about in my kitchen. Hopefully it won’t ever keep you from coming over, although, I don’t blame you if you decline my invitation.


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